how far should curtain rod be from ceiling

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Assuming you檙e outfitting a living room or bedroom with average ceiling height (8 feet high), an interior designer rule of thumb would be to mount the curtain rod about ahalf-foot above the top of the window frame攅ven higher if the total space between the top of the window and the ceiling line is less than 12 inches.

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  • How high should a curtain rod be above the ceiling?

  • For standard 8 ft ceilings, position the rod approx 1-3 inches below the ceiling or crown moulding. If you have taller ceilings (9-10ft) with windows that are significantly lower than the ceiling, position your rod approx 8-12 inches above the window trim.

  • How do you hang curtain rods right?

  • Here’s how to hang curtain rods right every single time. When the curtains are closed, they should completely cover the window, so as a rule of thumb, the width of the curtain panels should be at least twice the width of the window frame.

  • What size curtains should I use for my Ceiling?

  • Don use curtains that are too short. Do use curtains that reach the floor. Your curtains should either be 1/2?above the floor, kiss the floor, or puddle on the floor. For 8?ceilings, I recommend standard 96?curtains which you can then adjust up and down or hem up the bottom if needed. Don use a panel on just one side of the window.

  • How long can curtain rods be on a window?

  • For example, on a 54-inch-wide window, you could extend your curtain rods up to 9 inches on each side (54 divided by three equals 18, so your rod can be up to 72 inches long). Remember, though: The longer your curtain rod, the more fabric it takes for the curtains to drape attractively when closed.

    how far should curtain rod be from ceiling

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