how far past window to hang curtain rods

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3 or 4 inches

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  • How far should a curtain rod extend from a window?

  • When installing curtain rods, hang the rod so that it extends at least 3 or 4 inches beyond the window on each side. This allows your curtains to overlap both the window and the wall to prevent light from leaking in around the window’s edges.

  • How high should Curtains hang above a window?

  • Height isn the only consideration when determining where to hang curtains. Curtain rods should extend at least 3 to 6 inches past the window frame. Just as hanging curtains above the window frame makes the window appear taller, Bob Vila writes that extending the curtain rod past the window frame makes the window appear wider.

  • Where to put the curtain rods?

  • The trickiest part of hanging curtains is knowing where to put the curtain rod. It differs based on a few factors including the style of the window, the type of window covering, and the height of the ceiling. Use these tips to make sure you place your rods at the right height:

  • How do you hang curtains on a window frame?

  • From there, use a pencil and tape measure to mark curtain bracket placements six inches from the outside edge of the window frame to allow plenty of natural light. Use a screwdriver to install curtain brackets; make sure the sides are even using a level. Place curtains on the rod, then hang curtains.

    how far past window to hang curtain rods

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