how do you put curtain hooks on

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  • How do you hang curtains with hooks and rings?

  • ? Hang the curtains starting from the middle working outwards. This will allow you to add extra curtain rings or gliders if you are short without having to take the curtains down. ? Before hanging the curtains ensure that the number of hooks equals the number of curtain gliders or rings.

  • How to hang and put hooks into pinch Pleat curtains (Cont橠)?

  • ? Once you are happy with the position of the curtain hooks take the curtain down and insert the rest of the curtain hooks at the same distance from the top of the curtains. There will now be a hook at each pleat. How To Hang and Put Hooks Into Pinch Pleat Curtains (cont檇)

  • What size slip-in hooks for curtains?

  • Slip-in hooks are typically 3, 3 1/2, or 4 inches long; consider this when constructing the curtains or placing the rod. The pleat channel in hand-pleated curtains is sewn by hand with a back-stitching technique, but it is not as strong as machine stitching, so take extra care when inserting pin hooks into the seam.

  • How do you hang a net curtain on a window sill?

  • You can also use hooks along the middle of the wire the net runs across, to stop it from bowing in the middle. Extendable rods are another option, as both ends of the rod push into the walls at the side of your window, to support the net curtain hanging from it.

    how do you put curtain hooks on

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