how do you make a curtain

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  • How do you make white curtains?

  • Start with a patterned fabric you love and lining fabric in white. ( ALWAYS wash your fabric before beginning any sewing of these curtains!) I used the width of my fabric as the width of my curtain. The patterned fabric was not as wide as the white so I cut the white fabric to the same width.

  • How do you make a window curtain without sewing?

  • Making Easy No-Sew Curtains Measure the window, adding width for folds in the fabric. Choose a fabric that gives you the right amount of coverage. Cut each panel with an additional 1? in (2.5?.1 cm) on each side. Fold and pin 1 in (2.5 cm) side seams on the back of each panel. Iron the seams to crease the fabric.

  • How do you make double fold curtains look professional?

  • This will be enough to give you double-folded hems, which will make your curtains look more professional. Wash, dry, and iron your fabric. Choose a nice, patterned fabric for your curtain panels, and a plain, thin fabric for your lining.

  • How do you sew a curtain rod to a curtain?

  • Fold the top of the curtain down 3 in (7.6 cm) and sew it in place. To make the top pocket for the curtain rod, crease the fabric so that the seam is at least double the width of the rod. Pin the seam in place and iron the crease to ensure that it stays in place.

    how do you make a curtain

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