how do you hang sheers behind curtains

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Yes,you can layer a sheer curtain behind a dark or blackout curtain usingtwo brackets and dual curtain rods. This method allows sunshine to shine through while retaining obscurity. The primary curtains are hung on the right and left sides of the curtain rods,while the sheer curtains are hung in the middle.

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  • How to hang sheer curtains next to a window?

  • Just make sure that the sheers are on the curtain rod that is closest to the window. Once you have the curtains hung, you can arrange the curtains to how you want them to hang by sliding them along the rods until they are the way you want them. Many use sheer curtains to hang next to the window under grommet curtains.

  • How do you put a sheer curtain rod on a wall?

  • Tighten the screws. Repeat for the left bracket. Thread the sheer curtain onto the inner curtain rod and fit the rod into its brackets. The rods sometimes are parallel to each other, and the inner rod sometimes is behind and slightly below the outer rod.

  • How to install sheer curtains with grommet curtains?

  • The sheer curtains go on the inner curtain rod and the grommet curtains go on the outer rod. Put the sheer curtains on and fit the rod into the brackets. Do the same to the grommet curtains. Sometimes the rods will be parallel to each other. Other times the inner rod is slightly below and behind the outer rod.

  • What are Sheers in curtains?

  • Sheers generally are lightweight, opaque curtains that can stay in place when the heavier curtains are opened and closed in front of them. The simplest way to ensure the sheers and curtains hang correctly is to use a double curtain rod to hang them.

    how do you hang sheers behind curtains

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