how do you hang curtains on a door

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Choose a tension rod that fits the width measurement of the doorway. Tension rods come in adjustable lengths.Twist the rod and adjust its length so that it just fits into the doorway opening with a little room to spare.Slide the curtain panel rod pocket onto the tension rod. Place it in the doorway to determine the desired installation height.Twist the rod again,this time extending it until it fits snugly inside the doorway. …

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  • How do you hang curtains on a glass wall with curtains?

  • Hang hooked curtains onto the rod after you have attached the finials. Mount a double curtain rod if you prefer to hang sheers next to the glass with heavier curtains in front of them. Never hang a long curtain rod on drywall without using anchors or it may pull out of the wall.

  • How do you hang a curtain rod on a metal door?

  • Install the curtain rod hardware on the opposite side of the board. Position the board on the door, add the curtain to the rod, and hang the rod on the brackets to complete the project. Rare-earth magnets and Forstner bits can be purchased online.

  • How do you hide a closet with a curtain?

  • This fast, decorative solution adds privacy to a room, or effectively hides a storage room or closet. Hang the curtain with drapery hardware outside the door frame for a sturdy, permanent installation. If you live in an apartment or rent your home, you can avoid making holes in the wall or door frame by using a tension rod inside the doorway.

  • How do you open a door with a curtain on it?

  • If necessary, alter the curtain hooks so you can hang them on rings. Then, when you open the door, from the non-curtained side; you just need to open it gently, and reach round to push the curtain aside. I wonder if you are worried about the width? You can easily unpick the tape and sew on a different kind.

    how do you hang curtains on a door

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