how do you hang curtain scarves

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Hook the scarf over the ends of the curtain rod on each side. Let the middle of the curtain scarf hang down in a U shape in the middle of the curtain rod and window. Make sure each side has an even amount of fabric and let the ends flow majestically down.

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  • How do you hang a scarf on a curtain rod?

  • You can use a curtain rod and simply drape the scarf over the rod, or you could hang the scarf between two brackets and let it curve in the middle [source: Dummies ]. All you need is a bit of imagination. So continue reading to learn how to make and hang a simple window scarf.

  • How do you wrap a scarf around a window?

  • Stretch a scarf straight across the top of the window from hook to hook or along a curtain rod. Drape another scarf as you normally would from hook to hook, or wrapped around a curtain rod in front of the shorter scarf, to create a layered look. Play with different fabrics to get the look you want.

  • How do you hang a scarf swag on a sheer panel?

  • Drill the holes for each of the scarf hooks. Screw them into place, making sure they are even with each other. Dust the curtain rod and inside the window. If necessary, wash the windows before you hang your scarf swag. Wash the fabric if it is new. Iron any wrinkles before you hang your scarf. Lay the sheer panel out on a table or on the floor.

  • How do you hang a scarf with a dowel?

  • Purchase a light-weight wooden dowel that is about 1 foot (0.30 m) long. Install hooks on your closet door or in the back of your closet and set the dowel onto them. Knot your scarves around the dowel and let the ends hang freely. A wooden dowel is super light-weight, so this will work better for lighter scarves.

    how do you hang curtain scarves

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