how do i stop my patio curtains from blowing

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One of the most common methods of preventing outdoor curtains from blowing around is toattach weights to the hem. This makes the curtains heavier at the bottom and less likely to blow around in the breeze. However,when there a stronger wind,you may need to use another method as well.

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  • How do you keep curtains from blowing in the wind?

  • Scalloping your curtains at the top is another great way of reducing the impact of the wind. You shouldn tighten the drapes at the top, as this will make the curtains flap around uncontrollably, especially when the wind is extreme. The drape effect makes it possible for the wind to blow over the curtains.

  • How to keep outdoor curtains quiet?

  • As the name suggests, the method entails cables and dog ties to keep outdoor curtains calm. What even better, the procedure is as simple as the name of the method. To apply this method, simply get some cables and run them through the curtains. After that, secure them to the ground using dog ties or dog chain stakes.

  • How do you secure a curtain to the ground?

  • Other means of securing outdoor curtains include hooks or tarp grabbers. These can be used to hold the base of the curtain to the ground. A cable or bungee cords can also be threaded through the hem of the curtain and attached to a stake. You may also loop in the ground on either side of the curtain.

  • How do you weigh down outdoor curtains?

  • Utilizing heavy fabric is not the only option for weighing down outdoor curtains. Many retailers sell curtains with weights at the bottom to discourage them from flying whenever the wind blows.

    how do i stop my patio curtains from blowing

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