how do i measure my curtains

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Measure from the top of the window recess to the bottomto get the length. Place the end of a tape measure against the inside edge of the top of the window recess. Stretch the tape measure downwards and read the number where it meets the inside edge of the bottom of the recess. The length of net curtains is referred to as the drop.

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  • How do you measure a curtain for window trim?

  • For a higher curtain placement, measure up from the top window frame 20 inches to achieve an elongated appearance. Measuring width: Curtain widths should typically be about 1 1/2 to 3 times the final width measurement of your window. However, the fullness you choose will ultimately define the style you want to achieve.

  • Do I need a track to measure for curtains?

  • If you don’t already have a track or pole in place, we recommend fitting one before you measure for curtains. Measure the width of the window and add 30-40cm, this will ensure your curtains will comfortably cover your window.

  • How wide should curtains be for a window?

  • Curtains generally go about four inches beyond the window on either side, meaning you will need to add eight inches in total to the finished width. However, if you want your curtains to match the curtain rod’s length, measure that to get the finished width instead. Decide on the number of panels you’d prefer.

  • How do I know what size curtain rod I Need?

  • This will give you a general sense of the length of the rod you need if you’re keeping it just above the curtains, which is the most common style. For example, say your window’s width was 30 inches (76 cm). Add 6 inches (15 cm) to get the rod size of 36 inches (91 cm).

    how do i measure my curtains

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