how air curtain works

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An air curtainuses a fan to force a curtain of air in a downward direction. The forced air creates an invisible barrier that helps to control temperatures by preventing hot or cold air from entering a doorway or building at an opening.

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  • How do heated air curtains work?

  • Heated air curtains have a coil (electric, hot/chilled water, steam, indirect or direct gas, direct expansion, etc.) to heat or cool the jet. Heating is used to avoid people feeling a cold jet of air when crossing the doorway and also to heat the volume of air coming in at the entrance.

  • Which direction do air curtains blow out?

  • There are 3 possible directions of blow-out air streams: Most air curtains are installed horizontally, across the top of the opening, and air is expelled from top to bottom of the door. Vertical air curtains can be installed in one or both sides of the door.

  • What is the function of the filter in an air curtain?

  • The filter protects the interior components (heat exchanger, fans, electronics, etc.) from dust and particles. The fans of the air curtain can be direct or belt driven. The most frequently used types are centrifugal, axial and cross-flow.

  • How do air curtain nozzles work?

  • The air discharged through the nozzle creates a jet stream to the floor. Approximately 80% of the air returns to the intake side of the air curtain, and 20% goes in the opposite direction. Why Use an Air Curtain?

    how air curtain works

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