do you wash curtains before hanging

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  • How do you keep curtains from wrinkling after washing?

  • Remove them when they檙e 95% dry and leave to air dry naturally to avoid setting wrinkles. If your curtains are looking a bit crinkly after line or tumble drying, check the wash label and iron on the setting recommended. One of the key things to remember when you wash curtains is drying time.

  • Can you hand wash curtains?

  • If your curtains are made of delicate fabrics and you檙e worried about damaging or creasing them, a hand wash is a safer route that will minimise the risk of this happening. Try handwashing delicate curtains with Persil Non-Bio Liquid Detergent, which cleans well at low temperatures.

  • What are some tips for hanging drapes?

  • Other Curtain Tips 1 Wash and dry before hanging (pre-shrink!): You檒l definitely want to wash and dry your curtains before hanging them. … 2 Hem without cutting: If you need to hem your curtains, I strongly advise you not to cut them! … 3 Weights and training your drapes: Don like the way your curtains are hanging? … More items…

  • Should you measure curtains before or after washing?

  • Measure curtains before washing in case you need to stretch them back into shape. Be sure to remove hooks and any weights, and loosen the tapes so they lie flat. Before doing the curtain cleaning, dust them by running them through a dryer set to the no-heat cycle.

    do you wash curtains before hanging

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