do you put curtains over blinds

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You can put curtains over blindsfor a more elegant/sophisticated look. Also,combining blinds with curtains offers you more control over light and privacy in the room. It important that your curtains and blinds complement each other to create a cohesive appearance and achieve the style or theme you intend to achieve.

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  • Can you put sheer curtains over blinds?

  • The sheer curtains break the monotony of the entire wall by creating a magical feel with simplicity and a play of colors. This is a perfect solution for mixing window treatments in one room. Go ahead, create that magic! There are windows where you would like a contemporary look with regular curtains over blinds.

  • Why choose wood blinds with curtains?

  • The eternal warmth of wood blinds with curtains Wood Blinds are an all season window treatment that gives you a timeless charm. The wooden stains lend natural warmth to any room ensuring to give you complete control of the flow of sunlight and privacy. Drape these wood blinds with Curtains for your vintage inspired interior.

  • How to decorate your home with roller blinds?

  • To magnify the look of your windows, now layer these roller blinds with Sheer Curtains for an extra dose of romance. The overall look is unbelievable as these curtains create the enchantment with subtle hues. Tie these up with a hook on the sides for an even more beautiful effect. You surely won be disappointed.

  • How to decorate a small apartment with blinds?

  • To ensure that you carefully choose treatments that would go with your existing decor. Vertical Blinds, Wood/Faux Wood Blinds, Cellular Blinds, Venetian Blinds or plain simple shutters are all great choices. And to dress them up, add a layer of curtains for that sheer elegance that gives room gallops of attitude.

    do you put curtains over blinds

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