do you put blinds and curtains together

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Blinds and curtainscan work well together on the same window. Using curtains with blinds behind will look aesthetically pleasing and help block out any excessive light. They can also guarantee more privacy since pairing blinds with curtains can block the view to the inside of the house.

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  • Can you combine blinds and curtains?

  • Combining roller shades or other types of blinds with curtains allows ample blocking of light and privacy control while also improving flexibility for styling and design aesthetics. Not every layered window treatment works, however. If you want your windows to look their best, make sure you follow these tips:

  • How to choose curtains and blinds for large windows?

  • Align the curtain level at the same height as shades and extend it a bit after the window to get wide large window look. Take a look at the decor and color patterns inside your room. Use these as inspiration for the colors, textures, and styles you choose for both your curtains and your blinds. Also, consider the proportions of the room.

  • Can you have two types of curtains on the same window?

  • For example, layering different types of curtains on the same window, or two types of blinds or shades, can look dramatic. Don feel constricted to just draperies and shades.

  • How to decorate your home with roller blinds?

  • To magnify the look of your windows, now layer these roller blinds with Sheer Curtains for an extra dose of romance. The overall look is unbelievable as these curtains create the enchantment with subtle hues. Tie these up with a hook on the sides for an even more beautiful effect. You surely won be disappointed.

    do you put blinds and curtains together

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