do you need shower curtain liner

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  • Are shower curtains and shower liners the same thing?

  • Both shower curtains and shower liners have their place, but you need to know which one is right for your shower. Before these comparisons can be made, it is a good idea to get an idea of what a shower curtain and a shower liner are on an objective level.

  • Can you put a shower curtain on the inside of tub?

  • If you are going to place a shower curtain on the inside of your shower or tub, you will run the risk of mold developing on the curtain. This is guaranteed to happen if your shower curtain is made of a plastic based material. What is a shower liner?

  • Do shower curtains stop water from splashing?

  • A shower curtain can prevent some water from a shower or tub from splashing outside, but their main purpose is to make the shower or tub look presentable. Shower curtains and shower liners are best used together and not as standalone shower devices.

  • How to hang a shower curtain and liner?

  • You should also hang both the curtain and the liner with the same rings. If you use different rings for the curtain and the liner, they will quickly get disorganized and even tangled. Make sure that the liner goes on the inside of the tub or shower and the curtain goes on the outside.

    do you need shower curtain liner

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