do you need sheers with curtains

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By far, the most popular way to arrange curtains and sheers together isto have the sheers layered beneath the curtains. To do this, you will need two curtain poles, one of which should be fitted slightly closer to the wall or window frame than the other. The sheers can be hung on the closer pole and the curtains on the outer curtain pole.

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  • Can you see through sheer curtains?

  • Sheer curtains are made of see-through fabric that allows you to see silhouettes on the other side during the day. During the night when the lights are on, sheer curtains allow light to filter through, and you can see through them.

  • What are sheer curtains made of?

  • Sheer curtains can be made from different lightweight and transparent fabrics, but the most popular material is polyester. Sheer curtains made of polyester are durable, easy to clean and retain color and shape for the longest time. With sheer curtains, there nothing like the best material.

  • Can you put sheer curtains under grommet curtains?

  • Many use sheer curtains to hang next to the window under grommet curtains. The sheers will let in the warmth and sunshine during the day, and also provide some degree of privacy. If you want more privacy, you can shut the grommet curtains.

  • Are curtains necessary?

  • Without curtains, a room can feel unfinished攁nd in addition to their decorative benefits, curtains and shades also offer a number of practicalities.

    do you need sheers with curtains

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