do you need layers for curtain bangs

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  • What are curtain Bangs攁nd should you try them?

  • Curtain bangs are universally flattering and require much less upkeep because the goal is a more French, effortless chic vibe, says Pelfrey. I favor this style because of the cheek bone accentuation, and the face framing element.

  • How do you cut curtain Bangs?

  • If cut properly, curtain bangs should need just a quick blow out to style the feathered swoops on either side of the face. Using a round brush, pull the bangs away from the face in the opposite direction of where the hair will lay Once dry, redirect the hair back to its original side for desired shaping

  • How long should curtain Bangs be?

  • There is no strict rule about how long or how short your curtain bangs should be, even though long fringe can be less of a commitment. Pay attention to your features and face shape to highlight and conceal what you want. Blow out your straight locks for large swoopy waves to blend the bangs and longer layers.

  • Do curtain Bangs make thin hair look thicker?

  • Thin hair is not the reason to say no to curtain bangs. Some hairdressers use this kind of fringe to make thin hair look thicker, as the volume of the window bangs can give texture to your wispy strands. You don believe in it, do you? Then look at this example of hairdressers?mastership.

    do you need layers for curtain bangs

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