do you have to gather pencil pleat curtains

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If your curtain has a pencil pleat heading,you must start by knotting together the three rows of string at the top of the heading tape. To create gather,start by measuring your curtain pole and add 6 inches. Then,half the total number and this is what you must pull your curtains to.

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  • How do you finish a pencil Pleat curtain head?

  • On a pencil pleat heading this stage is very simple. You just gather the heading by pulling the cords. From the outside edge of the curtain pull the cords so the heading starts to gather. Keep pulling until the top of the curtain is the FINISHED CURTAIN WIDTH.

  • Do eyelet curtains pleat or pencil Pleat?

  • Eyelet curtains pleat in a concertina style and therefore always look slightly less full than pencil pleat curtains. I find that they look better with two to two and a half times gather and would always choose the larger size.

  • How do you hang curtains with pleated curtains?

  • To prepare to hang your curtains, scrunch them to half the length of the pole and tie off the cords at the top of the curtains to help them hold shape. Once the curtain is secured, even out the pleats by gently pulling the curtain along the string.

  • Do Curtains need to be gathered?

  • But it needn’t be, the principle is actually quite simple, once you’re ‘in the know’! Every single pair of curtains, regardless of heading style, should have a certain amount of ‘gather’. If a curtain had no ‘gather’ it would be a completely flat piece of fabric stretched across the window.

    do you have to gather pencil pleat curtains

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