do shower curtain liners go inside the tub

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  • Do shower curtains go inside the tub?

  • Now that you have seen that shower curtains do not go inside the tub, you may need to get yourself a shower liner. The liner will prevent water from splashing on the floor as well as protect your beautiful curtain liner from mildew. However, it is not a written rule that you must use both the shower liner and the curtain.

  • Do you need a shower curtain and a liner?

  • So, do you need a shower curtain and liner? Of course, you do need to have a shower curtain and a liner. For starters, if you fail to use a shower liner and opt to have the curtain inside the tub, you will have to deal with mold. Once inside the tub, the curtain may soak in moisture, soap residue, and mineral build-up after frequent use.

  • Can you put a tub liner in the shower?

  • So, keep the liner inside the tub. It will serve all your purposes. Once you have taken a shower, let it dry, and then you can keep it outside. There are specific suggestions that can keep your things further clean, dry, and under control. You can keep your liner and curtain a few inches above the floor, so that it keeps clean and dry.

  • How to keep a shower curtain from flying away?

  • Use a shower curtain with a heavy liner that doesn fly away during the time of shower inside the tub. After a shower, you can keep it hanging outside with the curtains. The same goes if you have a single liner as in most of the hotels.

    do shower curtain liners go inside the tub

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