do plantation shutters need curtains

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Plantation shutters look stunning all on their own, butif you want to add a soft luxurious touch, add curtainsor even just a valance. If you want additional light filtering or blocking, such as in a bedroom, add room darkening or blackout curtains. Choosing to add curtains or drapes depends on your style and the look you are wanting to achieve.

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  • Should you layer plantation shutters with curtains?

  • There seem to be two camps when it comes to layering window treatments: those who think layers give interest and texture, and those that think layering is more of a distraction. However, pairing plantation shutters with curtains can dramatically change the look of any room — and sometimes for the better.

  • Can you use curtains to open shutters?

  • In order to access your shutters and let the light in when you want, use hanging panel curtains versus roman shades or roller shades. You will get the beautiful look that curtains (in a well-chosen fabric) can bring into a room, and you can simply push your curtains to the side when you want to open your shutters.

  • What style of shutters should I choose for my home?

  • Caf style shutters are perfect for adding the style of shutters, along with the privacy, while keeping the top of the window open to let in plenty of light. Adding curtains gives you the flexibility to cover the window when you may want to block out the light.

  • What are the benefits of shutters?

  • Reduce the energy costs in your home by adding shutters as a barrier to outside temperatures. Keep outside noises muffled, and light blocked when the slats on your shutters are closed.

    do plantation shutters need curtains

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