do it yourself curtain tie backs

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  • Which are the best curtain tie backs to DIY?

  • Rope Curtain Tie Backs, DIY from Cottage in the Oaks 3. Ribbon Curtain Tie Back, DIY from Homemakers Challenge 4. Utensil Curtain Tie Back, DIY from Country Living 5. Apartment Therapy contributor since 2011, Kate focuses her writing on green living and design. She currently resides in Philadelphia and likes biking, iced coffee, and naps.

  • How do you measure for curtain tie backs?

  • Once you have hung your curtains, scoop the fabric away from the window to how it would be with the tie-backs. Loop a tape measure around the gathered curtain so that it mimics the tie-back and note how many inches it is. Make sure to add extra inches if you are planning to tie it into a knot or bow.

  • How to make elegant curtain tiebacks with seashells?

  • Instead of wood beads and crystals, you can string in your collection of seashells for making elegant curtain tiebacks. They look delicate on voile or net curtains. If you have a large and funky necklace, you can use it as a stunning curtain tie back. The glittery ones look beautiful on sheer white curtains.

  • How do you tieback sheer curtains?

  • If you have sheer curtains layered with heavier curtains, try using the sheer layer tied to the outer layer as a tieback. Or, because sheer curtains are inexpensive, buy an extra pair in the same color and use some of the fabric to create a flower you can use as a tieback.

    do it yourself curtain tie backs

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