do i need curtains in my bedroom

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Another factor in the decision to go with blinds or curtainshas to do with the purpose of the room. For instance, bedrooms tend to benefit from the use of blinds, since they are very effective at blocking outside lighting sources.

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  • Do I need to put curtains on my Windows?

  • Curtains are not necessary at all except to dress a window per client taste. A nice compromise for many windows is a good quality blind or shade with a window topper such as a valance or a cornice for a more formal look.

  • How long should curtains be for a bedroom?

  • Curtains should always be at least double the width of the window, even if they will be drawn most of the time. It’s also vital that they be long enough. For a rich and elegant look, they can puddle on the floor, and for a more streamlined and clean style, they can skim the floor. Short curtains should brush the window sill.

  • Should you draw the blinds or curtains in your bedroom?

  • That means no matter when you need to sleep, drawing the blinds will help make the room be much more conducive to sound sleep. Oh the other hand, a window over the kitchen sink may be an example of a window where curtains are preferable, since you want to have access to the natural light most of the time.

  • What size curtains should I use for my Ceiling?

  • Don use curtains that are too short. Do use curtains that reach the floor. Your curtains should either be 1/2?above the floor, kiss the floor, or puddle on the floor. For 8?ceilings, I recommend standard 96?curtains which you can then adjust up and down or hem up the bottom if needed. Don use a panel on just one side of the window.

    do i need curtains in my bedroom

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