do i need blinds and curtains

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  • Should I Choose blinds or curtains for my Windows?

  • Depending on the needs of each room, each window covers have its own advantage and disadvantage ?blinds are best for providing more protection and privacy, while curtains offer more design and styles as window treatments.

  • Which rooms need blinds and which rooms need curtains?

  • Some rooms just need blinds, other rooms just need curtains, and then some rooms look best with both. But how do you decide which rooms need what? There are a number of factors to consider when you檙e picking window treatments for rooms in your house, from price to insulation to style to orientation within the room.

  • Why choose shades and blinds for your window treatments?

  • Gone are the days when curtains were the only way to add style, warmth, and luxury to a room. Many options in shades and blinds can achieve the same effect. Whichever you choose, you want the window treatments to accent the furniture in your room, not vice versa.

  • Should I put blinds or curtains in my bungalow?

  • However, bungalows with shorter ceilings and windows would probably benefit from the airy feeling that blinds can give both the room and the window as well, accented by nothing more than a simple valance. Blinds can usually block out more light than curtains.

    do i need blinds and curtains

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