do i need blinds and curtains

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  • Should I Choose blinds or curtains for my Windows?

  • Depending on the needs of each room, each window covers have its own advantage and disadvantage ?blinds are best for providing more protection and privacy, while curtains offer more design and styles as window treatments.

  • Should I put blinds or curtains in my bungalow?

  • However, bungalows with shorter ceilings and windows would probably benefit from the airy feeling that blinds can give both the room and the window as well, accented by nothing more than a simple valance. Blinds can usually block out more light than curtains.

  • How much do curtains and blinds cost?

  • The cost of curtains as well as blinds vary based on the quality, materials, and the way these window covers are made ?whether ready-to-hang or custom fit. Custom made curtains cost between $250 and $2,500 depending on the materials to be used, style of curtain and the size of the window.

  • Are blinds a good choice for small rooms?

  • Smaller bedrooms or other smaller areas of the house with windows are often better fitted with blinds. Blinds offer more light control options because blinds have vertical or horizontal slats which can be operated in order to control the light.

    do i need blinds and curtains

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