do i need a stud finder to hang curtains

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  • How do you find the studs for a curtain wall?

  • Locate the Studs Locate the studs in the corners of the room, using the stud finder, recommends This Old House. In addition, locate the studs along the wall, above the existing window. Extra supports are required when a curtain rod spans more than 4 feet. Otherwise the rod may twist and bend, ruining the effect of your curtain wall. 3.

  • How do you hang tab top curtains with no studs?

  • Hang tab-top curtains high enough to ensue that no light leaks around the tabs. Wall studs are usually placed at 16 or 24 inches on-center. If no wall studs are available, install wall anchors in the drywall. Screw the curtain rod brackets into the wall anchors.

  • How do you use a curtain rod finder?

  • Standard Curtain Rod Placement. Locate the wall studs with a stud finder. Move the stud finder horizontally over the walls, above the corners of the window frame, until the light changes from green to red. Mark the spot, then continue until the light changes back to green. Mark that spot. Those marks indicate the edges of a wall stud.

  • How to hang curtains on the wall with screws?

  • Drive the screws into the wall, and position the hanger. Flip to the opposite side to make the remaining marks and install the screws. Feed the curtain onto the rod, and then place it on the hook. Add a finial, and then tighten the set screw

    do i need a stud finder to hang curtains

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