do apartments come with shower curtains

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Some furnished bedrooms also include a desk,an alarm clock and pillows,sheets and a comforter for the bed. Since most bathroom essentials like a toilet,sink and shower/tub are already built in,a bathroom in a furnished apartment will include a shower curtain at the minimum.

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  • Why buy a shower curtain?

  • They prettify the room. If I had my way, I檇 make over every room with as much flounce and fuss as possible-and that includes the bathroom. So my No. 1 reason for choosing a shower curtain is simple: to prettify the room with a frilly little number that might make you want to stay there all day.

  • Do shower curtains make gardens look bigger on social media?

  • Handily, some people have come up with a trick: using shower curtains as an optical illusion, to make gardens seem much larger on social media than they really are.

  • How do you make a shower curtain look like a door?

  • Just find a shower curtain that has the design you want ?choose something outside like a nice street or a stairway and then add it to a fence or garden wall. One woman even added thin wooden bits to her curtain to create the illusion of an open door, complete with handles.

  • What size shower curtain do you need for a walk in shower?

  • We檒l take a look at how to account for these shower and tub styles later. For walk in showers you will most likely need an extra long curtain. These are generally around 78?in length. What Size Shower Curtain Do You Need?

    do apartments come with shower curtains

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