can you wash curtains that say dry clean only

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  • Can You Dry Clean polyester curtains?

  • Dry Cleaning If you do decide to try to machine or hand wash dry clean only curtains, use a very mild detergent and a gentle cycle. Don’t wash anything else with them in the cycle as they may not be colorfast. Hang them to dry and only resort to a light ironing if absolutely necessary. Similarly, can Polyester be dry cleaned?

  • Should you wash curtains before washing?

  • And, if your curtains are made of velvet, avoid washing them entirely. These types of curtains should undoubtedly be sent to the dry cleaners because washing them will destroy the integrity of the velvet and leave you with a shedding curtain.

  • How do I Clean my velvet curtains?

  • Stick them in the wash, with the hooks still on, then hang them back up to dry. If they shrink, just cut a couple of inches off the lining. I wouldn’t recommend it. My bedroom curtain were cotton velvet. Dry clean only. I thought, they are cotton, I shall wash them in cold water and hang them to dry.

  • How do you wash 100% polyester curtains in the washing machine?

  • Washing Instructions for 100% Polyester Curtains Set your washing machine to the appropriate load size攎edium for a pair of drapes, large for two pairs. Add the appropriate amount of liquid detergent (based on the size of the load; check the detergent bottle for guidance). Run the washer on a normal cycle and remove curtains promptly.

    can you wash curtains that say dry clean only

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