can you use grommet curtains on a traverse rod

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  • What curtains work best with traverse rods?

  • There are two types of curtains that work well with traverse rods ?tab top or pinch pleat drapes. Curtain Basics: What Is A Traverse Rod? What Curtains To Use With A Traverse Rod? Are Traverse Rods Still In Style? How Do You Hang Curtains On A Traverse Rod? Can You Put Regular Curtains On A Traverse Rod?

  • How do you keep drapes from sliding off traverse rod?

  • Most traverse rods have hooks at the top that hang from clips on individual curtain panels. You檒l likely need to use ties or even rings looped through buttonholes in your drapes to keep them securely ringed onto the rod, so they don slide off of it when you open and close them.

  • Why won my Curtains hang on my traverse rod?

  • To put it simply, the curtains won hang on your traverse rod if they don come with curtain pins. Traverse rods are not designed like a typical rod. You cannot just hang the curtains on them and expect them to stay put. In order to keep the curtains in place, you have to connect the curtain pins with the corresponding pins.

  • What are traverse rods and how do you use them?

  • Double traverse rods are what you檒l need if you檙e looking to hang two sets of curtains. You can also use them to pair some curtains with a valance. Decorative traverse rods are also available. Decorative traverse rods are different because they themselves can work as stylish additions.

    can you use grommet curtains on a traverse rod

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