can you use curtains for shower curtains

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Keeping this in consideration, can you use curtains for shower curtains? It isinadvisableto use a regular curtain as a shower curtain unless you also use a plastic liner. With a liner in place shielding the curtain from getting wet then you are OK.

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  • What can I do with a shower curtain?

  • Using a shower curtain as a picnic blanket is a great idea because the material will protect you from any dew or moisture in the ground while you sit and eat. Even better than a plain blanket, however, is one that folds up into a convenient little picnic tote! Get the instructions for making it on Craft Buds. 8. Stretched fabric wall art

  • Does Serena&Lily sell shower curtains?

  • Serena Lily doesn sell window treatments, but their selection of shower curtains more than makes up for it. Yes, this shower curtain is over $200, so it certainly not accessible to most people. With that said, you檇 be hard-pressed to find something this special elsewhere.

  • Are shower curtains better than drapery panels?

  • Since shower curtains tend to be wider than drapery panels, you檒l be getting more bang for your buck when it comes to fullness, too. In the room shown above, blogger Corey Willis used grommet tape, grommet rings, and a sewing machine to take this hack on.

  • Can I hang a shower curtain rod inside the tub?

  • I did hang a separate expanding shower curtain rod lower (you can see it peeking out in the photo above) for the shower liner to be long enough inside the tub. The original doors in this room are stained the same color of the top of the wood stool I dragged in the bathroom for effect, but of course you can see how it ties in with the doors!

    can you use curtains for shower curtains

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