can you use command hooks for curtain rods

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  • How do you hang a curtain rod with command hooks?

  • Place your Command鈩?hooks on each side of the window. 2. Feed your lightweight curtain through a nickel-plated curtain rod. 3. Lay the curtain rod across the hooks for a sleek, modern and damage-free window hanging.

  • Can you use Command Strips for curtain rods?

  • Can you use Command Strips for curtain rods? Use command hooks and a curtain rod with a heavy load capacity. Take a square piece of paper or cardboard and cut out a corner to match the corner of the window. Attach the command hook to the wall mount. Place the command hook and wall mount on the wall, lining them up with the marks you’ve made.

  • How do you keep curtain hooks from falling off?

  • Use a lightweight curtain rod, if possible. Command hooks can take a lot of weight, but a lightweight curtain rod will reduce the chances of them falling off. Thanks! If the hooks are too small for the curtain rod, hang the rod from the hooks with fabric straps or ribbon loops.

  • How to hang curtains without holes in the wall?

  • Command hooks are a great way to hang curtains without putting any holes in the walls. This Command Hooks for Curtain Rod comes with adhesive strips that you can stick to the wall, and they hold up the curtain tension rod very well.

    can you use command hooks for curtain rods

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