can you use clip rings on rod pocket curtains

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  • Can you use ring clips for curtains with hooks?

  • Curtain ring clips work the best with flat panels, but they also work with rod pocket curtains. Flatten the pocket, and secure the clips to the top edge of the panel. Keeping this in consideration, can you hang back tab curtains with hooks? Many drapes come with back tabs where you can clip the rings, or you can pinch the fabric to create pleats.

  • Can you use curtain hooks on Rod pocket curtains?

  • Hooks or curtain ring clips can be used on rod-pocket curtains. Likewise, how do you attach hooks to rod pocket curtains? Measure the width of your window. Place your premade curtain panel face down on the work table. Pin the buckram header 1/2 inch from the top edge of the curtain.

  • How far apart do you put curtain clip rings?

  • The general guideline is to attach clips every 2 to 4 inches. The heavier the curtains, the closer you should attach the curtain clip rings. To attach curtain clip rings to rod pocket curtains: Remove the curtains from the curtain rod. Determine the number of clip rings per panel required by measuring the width of each panel.

  • How can I Make my curtains open and close easily?

  • Using curtain rings with hooks on rod pocket curtains is another way to allow for easier opening and closing of your curtains. These sharp metal curtain hooks are attached to curtain rings.

    can you use clip rings on rod pocket curtains

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