can you put curtains on a blind track

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  • How to hang curtains over blinds that stick out?

  • To hang curtains over blinds that stick out, you must use a bracket to extend your curtain rod. First, measure your window and curtains to make sure the curtains will cover the window and blinds. Then install the bracket, hang the rod, and put up the curtains.

  • Can you have vertical blinds with sheer curtains?

  • If you love spending time in natural sunlight, using sheer curtains will allow you to have some privacy while still enjoying the natural light, even when the vertical blinds are pulled back. Just remember to extend the vertical blinds at night so that your neighbors can see into your home.

  • How do you hang curtains from the ceiling with two tracks?

  • Use your stud finder again to find the ceiling batten your front curtains will hang from, and make pencil marks along the batten. The ceiling batten needs to be at least 145 mm out from your wall, so there’s enough space for two tracks. These marks are where the back of your brackets will line up for your front track.

  • How to hang curtains without rods?

  • Coat Hooks: Besides being an effective way of hanging curtains, coat hooks can add a nice elegant touch to your window spaces that will attract the attention of everyone who visits your room. They will prevent you from looking for rods and then going through the elongated process of hanging curtains.

    can you put curtains on a blind track

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