can you put a curtain over blinds

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  • How to hang curtains over blinds that stick out?

  • To hang curtains over blinds that stick out, you must use a bracket to extend your curtain rod. First, measure your window and curtains to make sure the curtains will cover the window and blinds. Then install the bracket, hang the rod, and put up the curtains.

  • Should I Cover my blinds with curtains?

  • I think if you’re going to cover blinds with curtains, the best reason to do it is to cover up some ugly blinds that you can’t uninstall because you’re renting or something like that. Blinds on their own and curtains on their own are usually more than enough when it comes to privacy.

  • Can you put curtains between cornice and blinds?

  • Use a tension rod to put curtains between the cornice and the blinds. The cornice is an ornamental type of padding that is used to disguise the tops of blinds; they檙e often made of plastic or covered with fabric.

  • How to decorate your home with roller blinds?

  • To magnify the look of your windows, now layer these roller blinds with Sheer Curtains for an extra dose of romance. The overall look is unbelievable as these curtains create the enchantment with subtle hues. Tie these up with a hook on the sides for an even more beautiful effect. You surely won be disappointed.

    can you put a curtain over blinds

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