can you mount a curtain rod on the ceiling

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  • How to install a ceiling mounted curtain rod?

  • How to Install a Ceiling Mounted Curtain Rod. Buy ceiling mounted traverse rods that allow enough space for the headers of the draperies you are using. 1 Hanging Curtains From the Ceiling vs. a Window. 2 Hang Curtains When the Window Is at the Top of the Wall. 3 Apply Curtain Rods to a Ceiling for a Canopy. 4 Hang a Long Curtain From the Ceiling.

  • Can you hang curtains on the ceiling?

  • Using the ceiling also makes it easy to divide rooms or create little nooks in your home. A simple way to install curtains is to use brackets and a rod, much like you would when you hang curtains on the wall.

  • Can you USE command hooks to hang curtain rods?

  • One of the biggest challenges in using Command Hooks to hang a curtain rod is that the rod ends up significantly closer to the wall than when hung with standard brackets (which usually hold a rod out from the wall a good 4-6?. Below is a picture of the underside of the rod.

  • How do you hang a curtain rod with eye holes?

  • Put the curtain on the rod and hang it in place. Slide the curtain over the rod. If you’re using the kind with eye holes, alternate going front to back and back to front so that it pleats the curtain and hangs properly. Screw the end caps on and hang the rod in place by setting it onto the hooks, centering it between the brackets.

    can you mount a curtain rod on the ceiling

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