can you iron blackout curtains

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  • How do you iron on blackout curtains?

  • Place straight pins along the backside of the curtain to hold the blackout fabric, iron-on adhesive, and curtain in place. Set your iron to the wool setting (as according to iron-on adhesive directions), press and hold the iron on the back side of the blackout fabric.

  • Will ironing curtains damage them?

  • This could not only damage your curtains but could damage your iron as well. However, thanks to aluminium foil placed beneath, ironing the fabric side of your curtains should be enough to remove wrinkles and creases.

  • How do I choose the right blackout curtain fabric?

  • Otherwise, if your curtain fabric is very see-through, you’ll want to choose a heavier weight blackout fabric, which feels slightly similar to vinyl.

  • Do Blackout curtains get wrinkles?

  • Blackout curtains have specific care instructions and can not be treated the same as traditional cloth curtains. Often, new blackout curtains can arrive with wrinkles and creases caused by being folded up inside the packaging. They can also become wrinkled if you wash them.

    can you iron blackout curtains

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