can you hang curtains from ceiling

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  • Should you hang curtains from the trim or the ceiling?

  • If there is little space between the trim and the ceiling, then hang the curtains from the ceiling. Hanging your curtains at ceiling level maximizes the light that shines through your window and it makes the room feel larger because the walls look taller. This works well in a small space, but may not be ideal in a room that is already too large.

  • How high should you hang curtains?

  • Ceiling height plays a major role in how high you should hang your curtains. In a room with standard ceiling heights of about 8 feet, either method of hanging can work. The typical height for hanging drapery on a window that has more than 12 inches of space between the top of the window and the ceiling is about 4 to 6 inches above the window trim.

  • How do you hang a curtain track on the ceiling?

  • Find a track bracket specifically for the ceiling. These brackets are a long piece of metal with tiny loops in them for hanging curtains. Opt for one that’s 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 cm) wider than your window, allowing the curtain to expand past the edges. You can find these online or at most home improvement stores.

  • What size curtains should I use for my Ceiling?

  • Don use curtains that are too short. Do use curtains that reach the floor. Your curtains should either be 1/2?above the floor, kiss the floor, or puddle on the floor. For 8?ceilings, I recommend standard 96?curtains which you can then adjust up and down or hem up the bottom if needed. Don use a panel on just one side of the window.

    can you hang curtains from ceiling

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