can you dye curtains grey

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  • What is the best way to dye curtains?

  • Naturally made cotton, wool and silk curtains will take dye the best. However, some types of rayon and nylon will also dye well. For a more intense color in cotton, rayon or linen, add in 1-cup of salt to the dye bath. If you are dyeing silk or wool curtains, add in 1-cup of vinegar.

  • What happens if you dye curtains wet or dry?

  • Remember that the color of wet fabric is more intense than when it is dry. Heat another large pot of clear water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, checking the temperature with a thermometer. Lift the curtains from the dye bath carefully with sturdy wooden utensils and transfer them to the pot of clear water.

  • How do I choose the right color for my curtains?

  • Choose the correct dye for your curtains. For example, if your curtains were originally navy blue but you want a lighter shade, such as sky blue, choose a dye color that best corresponds to the color choice you are seeking.

  • How to color curtains in the bathtub?

  • 1 After testing a little bit of the dye in an inconspicuous spot in her fiberglass tub, Jenny decided to color her curtains in her bathtub, but you can also … 2 Fill the tub, bin, or machine with hot water攅nough to completely submerge the panels. 3 Add the dye and cup salt. … 4 Check the panels. … More items…

    can you dye curtains grey

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