can you dye blackout curtains

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  • How to use blackout fabric to cover a curtain?

  • Then, lay the blackout fabric on top of the printed curtain fabric and center it. The blackout fabric should look the same on both sides, but 1 side may look glossier than the other and this side should be visible. Ensure that the edges of the blackout fabric are the same distance from the edges of the printed curtain fabric.

  • Can You dye curtains that are too dark?

  • A dark fabric cannot be dyed a lighter color. You might be able to dye a colored fabric if your dye is a darker hue, but the results will be a blend of the dye and the color already on your curtains. Since the results can be unpredictable, completely removing the original color is a safer approach.

  • How do you make blackout curtains with hemlines?

  • Fold over your hemlines and iron those to reinforce the crisp fold. Gather your material and lay it flat on the floor, right side facing down. Place the blackout lining inside the fabric, with the right side facing up. Fold the hems over the blackout lining, and pin in place around all of the corners and edges.

  • How big does blackout fabric need to be?

  • The blackout fabric does not need to be as large as the printed curtain fabric because it is only lining the curtains. Use the window dimensions that you found to cut the lining fabric.

    can you dye blackout curtains

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