can i recycle shower curtain liner

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  • Can you recycle plastic shower curtains?

  • Don throw away that old shower curtain! These tips offer easy ways to recycle plastic shower curtains, which are incredibly useful for many purposes! I had to replace my plastic shower curtain liner. You can wash them and I have, but after a certain point you need to break down and get a new one.

  • What to do with old shower curtain liners?

  • One of the best ways to recycle an old shower curtain liner is to use it as a tarp. So, the next time you’re working on a painting project, just use an old liner to protect your floor from paint drips.

  • Why choose plastic shower curtains?

  • Plastic shower curtains are especially useful in cases where you need something strong and water proof! We absolutely adore this idea for creating a safe pool on the beach so that little kids can enjoy swimming closer to your camp rather than out in the open water.

  • What to do with an old liner?

  • In an emergency, an old liner can be an effective rain coat. To utilize your recycled liner in this fashion, cut a hole in the liner through which you’re able to comfortably stick your head, thus creating a makeshift poncho.

    can i recycle shower curtain liner

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