are shower curtains all the same size

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As usual,the width will be the same as that of the standard-size shower curtain. However,to cover the extra length,the curtain will have to be longer. Thus,the dimensions should be72 by 84 to 96 inches,depending on the shower actual height.

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  • What are standard shower curtain sizes?

  • There are three principal standard shower curtain sizes for the standard shower and tub designs. They include the following: 70 x 70 inches 70 x 72 inches

  • Do shower curtains need to fit correctly?

  • The good news when it comes to shower curtains is that you don necessarily need a completely accurate fit. While you檒l certainly want to stay within the standard for your type of shower, a few extra inches in width or height won be the end of the world (though of course, you don want your shower curtain to drag too low on the floor).

  • What size do mitovilla shower curtains come in?

  • Fortunately, MitoVilla shower curtains come in several different sizes to accommodate a wide range of tubs. you have the perfect fit. This shower curtain size guide will help you determine which size to purchase. The industry standard for a shower curtain is 72 inches by 72 inches.

  • How high should a shower curtain rod be?

  • With a standard shower curtain height at 70 or 72 inches, adding at least three inches will give you a good indication about the ideal shower curtain rod height. With a standard shower curtain of 72 inches long, the curtain rod should be installed around 75 to 77 inches from

    are shower curtains all the same size

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