are curtains measured in cm or inches

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When we list or write curtain measurements, the width always comes before the drop. Ready-made curtains are available in three standard widths:112 cm (44 inches), 167 cm (66 inches) or 228 cm (90 inches). You should choose the width that most closely matches the size of your track or pole.

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  • What is the standard length of curtains?

  • Usually, curtains are available in the following lengths: 63 inches 84 inches 96 inches

  • Is the curtain width of Your House important?

  • Most of the time the curtain width is not the problem. Standard curtain panels are usually 48 inches wide. If you maybe have windows that are wider, you can always put more curtains on them. What the real issue is, is the curtain length. The curtain length is, usually, one of the following:

  • How do you measure a window for curtains?

  • Measure your window from the top of the windowsill to the bottom. Then, add any additional measurements based on rod placement for a rough window length. Later, you’ll need to tweak this measurement as you determine curtain type. For example, say the length of the window is 40 inches (100 cm).

  • How to measure a curtain rod for curtains?

  • Please note that for a curtain rod for grommet curtains, you have to add about 2 inches (5 cm); for a round curtain rod with rings, you will have to subtract about 3 cm from the length of the panel. Measure the width of the window.

    are curtains measured in cm or inches

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