are curtains dangerous for toddlers

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To be honest,it isnot the curtains themselves that pose the dangerto the toddlers. It is the various parts that come with the curtains and shades that cause the issues. For example,free flowing cords,tie loops and chains can be a strangulation hazard.

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  • Are curtain rods and blinds dangerous?

  • Curtain rods and blind casings can be dangerous if they fall. To prevent injury, all curtain hardware should be fixed directly to a wall stud or secured with the appropriate drywall anchors.

  • Should toddlers be able to get their hands on curtains?

  • Should your toddler be able to get his hands on them, you may find your curtains serving some pretty interesting purposes. Unless you want your little one to pull, climb and wipe their nose on your curtain panels, it probably best to keep them short, simple and out of reach.

  • Are Corded blinds safe for kids?

  • Window Blind Cords Still Pose A Deadly Risk To Children. About one child a month dies from being entangled in cords from blinds and shades, a study finds. Efforts are underway to get corded blinds off the market, but many will remain in homes.

  • What are the safety risks of toddlers?

  • As toddlers learn new skills, their interaction with the environment changes, leading to new safety risks. To practice their motor skills, they need to be able to climb, walk, run, and jump safely. Inspecting toys, furniture, and equipment protects toddlers from injury.

    are curtains dangerous for toddlers

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