are curtain holdbacks in style

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  • How to choose the right curtain holdbacks for your home?

  • If you are looking to avoid installation, then you can always opt for rope, bead, or magnetic tiebacks. No matter which style of curtain holdbacks you choose, your curtains will have a new stunning and embellished appeal that will uplift any room in your home.

  • What is a curtain tie back?

  • Very convenient for long curtain, this modern curtain tie backs represent modern approach to household goods – stylish and practical. The holdback installs directly into the wall to hold back one drapery panel. A stylish modern holdbacks, that not only brings in refinement, but also functionality to the space.

  • How does a magnetized curtain holdback work?

  • The magnetized mechanism prevents the tie-backs from falling to the floor. No drilling or bow tying is required, which makes this type of holdback easy for everyone to use. For lightweight curtains, wrap the tieback around the curtain twice for a steadier hold.

  • What color holdback curtains go best with black curtains?

  • The outdoorsy theme on these holdbacks is ideal for nature lovers. With a black finish, these wildlife-themed holders are easier to see on bright and light solid-colored curtains. If you own a patterned or black curtain, we recommend you go with a white or light polished curtain holdback instead.

    are curtain holdbacks in style

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