are curtain bangs low maintenance

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  • What are curtain Bangs?

  • Curtain bangs ?also known as fringe bangs ?are a low-maintenance take on bangs. This style of bang is parted down the middle, often framing your face on both sides.

  • Should I get curtain bangs or a Bardot fringe?

  • Here some pros and cons to be aware of. PRO #1: A Bardot fringe throws off an oh so chic vibe no matter how you style it PRO #2: When you first get them you檒l feel and look like a new you PRO #3: Curtain bangs are less of a commitment cause they檙e easier to grow out

  • Should you get curtain bangs or fringe?

  • With curtain bangs you don have to get a full chop to enjoy a 渞eal deal?fringe. All in all it a great way to freshen up your look without sacrificing a ton of length. Who Rocks Them Best? Obviously any of the following should be evaluated on a person to person basis as everyone situation is unique. But generally these points apply.

  • How often should you trim your curtain Bangs?

  • The sort of natural flow of this style of bangs is what helps it grow out more naturally, so you can sort of trim where and when you see fit. Unlike your blunt, straight-across bangs (think early Zooey Deschanel), you can trim your curtain bangs every four to six weeks and still look and feel good about your textured mane.

    are curtain bangs low maintenance

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