are blinds or curtains cheaper

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While both the blinds and the curtains fall in the budget-friendly category,blindsare a bit cheaper due to less material involved. Curtains need more material and hence the cost is also a bit higher. It also depends on the nature of the material.

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  • How much do curtains or blinds cost?

  • The cost of curtains or blinds vary widely depending upon the quality, the materials, and whether the window treatments are ready-to-hang or custom fit. Curtainsmade of cotton or a cottonblend can cost as little as $10.

  • What is the difference between curtains and blinds?

  • Curtains are made from different fabrics, while blinds are constructed of horizontal or vertical slats. Curtains have more design possibilities, are more energy efficient and are very effective in blocking light; although curtains can be more expensive and are harder to clean.

  • Are velvet blinds more expensive than wooden blinds?

  • Of course, prices may differ based on the type of textures or materials; a velvet/suede curtain can still be costlier than wooden blinds. Other cost-saving ways are to use substitutes.

  • Which is better curtains or roller blinds?

  • In terms of durability however, blinds may be a hardier choice. Curtains, like all fabrics, may fade over time, due to sunlight exposure and frequent washing. Our Verdict: Curtains and Roller Blinds. If you’d like to save the trouble for manual cleaning, fabric curtains are definitely easier to maintain.

    are blinds or curtains cheaper

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