a touch of class curtains

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  • Why choose a touch of class interiors?

  • A Touch Of Class Interiors is a local, affordable company that specialises in made to measure window blinds, shutters, and curtains. Our bespoke design services will help you bring out the best in your home and we offer both traditional and modern styles of every type imaginable.

  • Who is a touch of class?

  • A Touch Of Class is a family run business which was founded by the grandparents of the current owner and manager Neil Olley. His hands on approach, and conscientious work ethic for 40+ years has seen the business become renowned for quality, service, and a personal touch.

  • What are elegant curtains and how do you style them?

  • Relinquish bland fabrics and old stodgy designs for updated styles that will refresh your room with elegance. Elegant curtains afford upscale fabrics for maximum drapability. Many are included with tiebacks, so you can cinch them prettily into the perfect gather on either side of the window.

  • Which lace curtain panels are in style today?

  • Today’s lace curtain panels are just the thing, whether your style trends contemporary or verges on Victorian. Add a splash of color to your panes, or fall back on tried-and-true neutrals. White lace curtains are a classic that can fit into any home.

    a touch of class curtains

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