a curtain of green

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Eudora Welty

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  • What is a curtain of green and other stories?

  • A Curtain of Green and Other Stories is Eudora Welty first book, and this beautiful collection of short fiction, originally published in 1941, marks the beginning of a long, distinguished literary career. This is a book I檝e reread and taught several times, and each time I revisit these stories, I feel as if I檓 catching up with an old friend.

  • Is 渁 curtain of green?by eduora Welty worth reading?

  • Nonetheless, A Curtain of Green is a strong anthology, especially considering that it was her first, and I am sure to come back for more. This is my first Eduora Welty and I have to say that it really opened up my appetite for more.

  • Is yardwork in 渁 curtain of Green?an unhealthy obsession?

  • Rather than a source of therapeutic comfort, yardwork in 淎 Curtain of Green?becomes an unhealthy, almost destructive obsession. (One can only wonder what Chestina thought of the autobiographical elements of her daughter story.)

  • When was a curtain of Green first published?

  • A Curtain of Green (first published in The Southern Review, Vol. 4 No. 2, Autumn 1938) 14. A Visit of Charity (first published in Decision, a small literary journal in 1941, that famously was rejected 13 times by various magazines in the early 1940s, including The Atlantic Monthly and Ladies Home Journal.

    a curtain of green

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